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When Recruiting Turns to Management Consultancy: How Clayton Recruitment Group Have Adapted

  • September 14, 2020

I saw a quote recently which resonated with the way things have been changing at Clayton. It said:

“What Covid has done is accelerated the shifts that eventually would have happened anyway.”

In light of the pandemic, at Clayton Recruitment, we have diversified our services at a level we probably wouldn’t have thought possible at the start of 2020, and I know this is the same for many businesses across the country.

The pandemic has tested the limits of our resilience, forced us into unfamiliar territory and allowed us to grow in new ways.

With many businesses still finding their feet after the significant upheaval Covid caused, today I want to share how we at Clayton have used the pandemic to help us change positively, and how we are using this mindset to help our clients in this new business environment.

Breaking New Ground

Having over 30 years of experience in the recruitment industry and with two successful recruitment brands recruitment is in our blood.

But 2020 has been the year that we have switched this around, on a massive scale.

Recognising the crises that many businesses have been going through due to Covid, we have introduced new services to help our clients with what they need right now.

This has included –

  • Management consultancy – working with C-suite clients to help them manage challenges within their teams in the wake of the pandemic.
  • Supportive outplacement services to help businesses going through a restructuring process.
  • Working on a more exclusive level with our clients to identify skills gaps, and form person specifications for the new normal.
  • Providing interim solutions for businesses going through a management restructure.

As you can see, during these challenging times, our services are not just focused on recruitment; it’s about so much more than that.

We have found that many of the challenges business have faced recently are new and unique difficulties, owing to the exceptional situation Covid has caused.

Helping Overcome Unique Challenges

Our service offering has become much broader, and this has involved working closely with companies to help them cultivate the team they need in place for the next chapter of their business.

If redundancies have been made, this can create unique skills gap scenarios which the business will not have faced before.

We have a dedicated world-class resourcing team who are focused on delivering results for each client.

We recognise that the past few months have been some of the most challenging that businesses will go through, perhaps in a lifetime. We have faced difficulties in our own business, which has helped us to empathise with the situation our clients are going through.

And it’s not just our clients that we have been helping with their unique challenges; it’s candidates too.

Recently we have been working much more closely with candidates who are changing jobs. Whether that’s because their role has been made redundant or to look for a new position – yes, there are opportunities out there.

For these candidates, we can provide CV writing services, consulting and negotiating role changes, putting together action plans and scouring the marketing for roles surrounding their skillset.

A New Mindset

Lastly, I think it’s essential to refocus our mindset for the new normal, accepting what has happened over the last few months, but not letting it overcome us. Instead, we can draw from our experiences and turn them into positives.

As an MD, I have also had an extra focus on personal development recently, which has proven helpful when overcoming new challenges, and this is something I share with the entire Clayton team.

As a business that I have personally grown from the ground up to where it is now, I understand the value of employing individuals with positive growth mindsets.

This ethos is present in everything we do and has been integral to our success. It has never been more essential for us to help our clients overcome their challenges using this growth mindset.

For example, we have a three-year business growth plan in place as we look to the future because we believe that success comes from planning for it.

It is understandable that as some businesses feel that they are in an uncertain position, they feel uncomfortable planning. We specialise in giving you that all-important helicopter view that is often difficult to achieve when you are focused deep within the business as a Senior Partner, MD or CEO.


It has been an essential part of our business strategy to pivot to what is happening in the market, which has allowed us to focus on what it is our clients need right now.

We are a team of experts, but we also have the human touch.

Covid has been a difficult period for many businesses; helping clients with what they need to get through this time has been our number one priority.

To find out more about how we can help your business with management consultancy, outplacement recruiting and identifying new skill gaps or any other aspect of restructuring, you can speak to one of our expert team by calling 01772 259 121.

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