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Turning Placements Into Planting

  • March 30, 2023

Why We Are Working With Ecologi 

Over the past 24 years, we’ve been proud to support a wide range of charities, initiatives, and organisations as part of our wider CSR Programme.

From foodbank donations, sponsored walks, and baking competitions, to a more holistic look at staff well-being and support, it has been our goal to become a socially responsible business, both internally and externally – making a positive impact on our people and workplace, our clients and suppliers, our local community, and our local and global environment.

The purpose of our programme is to sustain a business that is successful and respected in its ethical standing by our stakeholders. Put simply, doing the right thing and supporting endeavours that matter to the individuals who work here on a deeply personal level.

And, whilst we have supported many national and often international causes, we are particularly passionate about helping those that have roots and impact here in the UK, and in the Northwest.

More recently, we have taken the time to educate ourselves around the importance of environmental sustainability, the effect of our business activities, and the role we must all play in reducing our impact on the planet.

We are therefore delighted to announce our partnership with Ecologi, a certified B-Corp social enterprise, and platform for Climate Action; helping individuals, families, and businesses become Climate Positive.

The enterprise, founded in 2018 by a group of environmentalists in Bristol, is nothing short of extraordinary.

Their platform offers an easy and effective way for businesses and individuals to make a positive impact on the environment by offsetting their carbon footprint and supporting reforestation projects both here in the UK and overseas; helping to protect and restore vital ecosystems that are home to a rich variety of wildlife. In addition, funds are used to support other certified projects focused on avoiding greenhouse emissions, carbon avoidance, and local initiatives that by proxy, are also creating job opportunities across the globe.

They have gained significant publicity and recognition in the last couple of years, scaling up their operations and attracting over 40,000 members (individuals and businesses) who support their mission in taking simple, but impactful climate action.

We have been so impressed by the work that Ecologi does that this year we have committed to funding the planting of trees in the UK for every placement we make. The monies raised collectively support multiple tree-planting partners across the country, including reforestation in Scotland and the reforesting of farmland.

You can see the impact of Ecologi’s work and their UK reforestation projects here.

We have also signed up for the Beta trial, ‘Ecologi Zero’ to calculate our carbon footprint and put plans in place to reduce our emissions.

With our virtual forest all setup, we are excited to turn our placements into planting and will keep all stakeholders updated on the wider impact of this particular element of our CSR programme.


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