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The Benefits of Taking a Temp Role Right Now

  • July 25, 2020

Are you one of the thousands of people looking for work due to a change in circumstance because of Covid-19?

If so, we can help.

The official figures show that 649,000 fewer people are employed now than were pre-Covid, with numbers set to rise over the coming months.

Many employees have been furloughed by their employers, being left in limbo until October, others are unsure if their jobs will even be there to go back to.

It has been a worrying and challenging time for everyone who has been affected by the pandemic. And yet there is help and options available for individuals looking for employment right now.

Lots of employees in the U.K. are now making use of temporary employment and contract work; in this article, we look at the benefits of taking a temp position right now, and critically how to land a role you’ll enjoy.

An Increase in Temp Roles – More Opportunities

With an increase in demand, there has been a fortuitous rise in temp jobs since the lockdown was imposed, highlighting the uncertainty in the current job market.

The number of temporary jobs rose by 148,900 from May to June, to create a total of 2.2 million temp roles in the U.K.

After large parts of the country were closed down entirely by the government-imposed restrictions, we entered the first stages of a recession as GDP fell for the first time in several years.

Now the country is opening up again, we see an increase in job opportunities. The country is bouncing back as predictions had hoped.

The pandemic has caused many people to evaluate their careers. A recent survey found in HR Director shared that 20% of people have realised that their current role isn’t for them, with half (50%) of all respondents stating that they plan to change jobs within the next two years.

So where does that leave individuals looking for temp roles right now?

Let me share some recruiting knowledge about the benefits of temp roles and how to take advantage of the job market as it currently stands.

The Benefits of Taking a Temp Role Now

Temporary employment might not be your first choice. Still, there are many benefits associated with taking a temp role, especially in the current climate; and remember that the flexibility of temporary contracts doesn’t only benefit employers.

Many organisations are currently offering temporary contracts for employees to see them through the next few months. If you are currently unemployed, this could be an excellent opportunity to explore different career options or try something you have always wanted to explore.

Temp roles tend to offer more flexibility, so you can choose one where the hours fit around your personal life. You can treat a temp role as a trial run for a new career direction; you might love it and want to continue to look for employment in this sector after your temp contract finishes, or you may realise this isn’t the right path for you.

You will gain experience fast in a new role; you will learn valuable skills to strengthen your CV and show that you are dedicated and hard-working to future prospective employers.

Contrary to popular belief, temporary workers get the same right and benefits as permanent workers; a good recruiter specialising in temp work will be able to help you to understand your temporary contract.

As I mentioned earlier, career changes are happening up and down the country – there has never been a better time to explore new career opportunities than right now.

How to Impress in Your Temp Role

Many employers will advertise temp-to-perm roles, where the position will become permanent for the right candidate. Of course, given the current situation, these roles could occur less frequently.

But the truth is that organisations always need great talented employees, pandemic or not – so bear in mind the following tips when looking for a temp or a temp-to-perm role:

  • Cater your CV to the temp roles you are interested in applying for – this easy task will make employers take you far more seriously.
  • Think of your temp assignment as an extended interview – if you get taken on initially for a period of a few weeks, show up every day and give your best.
  • Always look the part – you will be taken more seriously by management.
  • Keep your eyes open for where you can help other team members – being a team player is an essential skill and one that will get you noticed.
  • Complete all of your work to a high standard – bringing the attitude of ‘its only a temp role’ into your work will not do you any favours.
  • Finally – be sure to work with a reputable recruitment agency that will find you your desired position; check out their website, testimonials and get to know them before you decide to work with them.

Managers are always on the lookout for employees who will add value to their organisation, and impressing as a temp is a great way to increase your permanent job prospects.

Finding the ‘Right’ Temp Role

We understand that the job market can feel strange and competitive right now.

At Clayton Recruitment, we are helping candidates find the temp roles they need right now – and we can help you too.

We help candidates across the North West find the temp roles that can fit in with their current circumstances, and around their family lives.

We offer expert free career consultancy too, so if you want to speak to someone about a temp role or your next career move, call us on 01772 259121 or contact us here.

About Clayton Recruitment

Clayton Recruitment has been partnering with organisations across the country since 1989, and during that time has built up an excellent reputation for trust and reliability.

With specialist divisions covering Commercial, Financial, Industrial and Engineering appointments, on both a permanent and temporary basis. If you are looking for your next career move, we can help. Call us on 01772 259 121 or email us here.

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The 7 Benefits of Temporary Employment

  • January 14, 2020

Temporary employment, or ‘temping’ is one of the fastest-growing sections on the job market – why is this?

Once considered to be only for students, or people between jobs, temp work has taken off in the last few years, as people from all sectors and at all stages in their career realise the benefits of this flexible working style.

Employees are now taking on temporary employment for a variety of reasons – to help during a career change, to fit around your studies, for flexibility when starting a family or looking after young children, or when you are looking for a more permanent job but haven’t found the right one yet.

If you have been considering temp work but aren’t sure if it’s right for you – these seven benefits of temp work should be able to help you to decide.

1. Gaining New Skills

The job market is constantly changing. Clients frequently contact us with roles which require new and emerging skills, especially in commercial divisions. To fill these roles, we need employees who love to learn new skills and are looking for a challenge.

Taking on temp work in an area that you are unfamiliar with is an excellent way to build up your skills repertoire, as increasingly, employers are looking for candidates with transferrable skills. Candidates with a broader range of skills from temping are often looked on more favourably for specific roles than candidates with a more limited skill-set due to being in the same position for many years.

2. Experience

As well as new soft and hard skills, temp work allows employees to gain new experiences, both personally and professionally.

Temp work can take you into organisations you never thought you would be a part of, and allows you to meet new people and experience different roles within different sectors. Working for a few different well-respected companies makes your CV instantly more impressive to employers.

3. Career Change

Speaking of experience, many people utilise temp work when they are in the middle of a career change. Temping is a great way to experience roles that you have you been interested in for a while, without being tied into a permanent contract.

You might find that the job or sector you thought you wanted to get into isn’t the right fit for you; likewise, you could be pleasantly surprised by a position you had not have otherwise been aware of.

4. Flexibility

Choosing temp work gives you control over your life that those in permanent positions don’t have. If you’re in a transitionary period, are figuring out what to do next, or fancy seeing more of the world – temping allows you to do this.

You decide the hours that you are available and the period that you want to work for – there are a variety of different temp contracts so you can choose one to fit your requirements.

5. A ‘Way In’

For those who are looking to get into a particular sector but have not been able to find a permanent job – temping is a great way to get your foot in the door and meet industry connections: to build your network.

Some sectors are very competitive, and with high volumes of applicants for each role, those with temp experience will have much more of a chance of being considered when a permanent position becomes available.

6. Time Out

Work-related stress and burnout are on the rise. The number of new cases of work-related stress, depression and anxiety in 2019 was 246,000 – an incidence rate of 740 per 100,000 employees.

Increasingly, people now realise the importance of managing workloads and not trying to battle on through when you are struggling.

Taking a career break from your long-term career is a great way to manage stress, and temp work can fit into this perfectly. If you decide on having a year out from your job, intending to carry on or change your role slightly when you return, taking on temporary employment is a great way to help tide you over while you figure out your plan for the future.

7. Your Rights are Covered!

Some employees are reluctant to explore temporary work as an option because they believe that temp workers are not afforded as many rights as permanent employees.

But this is not the case.

Temp workers are protected both by law and by the contracts that your recruiter negotiates with your new employer to ensure that your rights as an employee are protected and so that you are not treated any differently to permanent staff.


Have you been considering temp work? Whether you need something fast to cover a period coming up, or you are thinking about a career change and are exploring your options for the future – we can help.

We specialise in temporary contracts and have a range of positions to suit you – get in touch with our team today to find out more about the roles we have available.

About Clayton Recruitment

Clayton Recruitment has been partnering with organisations across the country since 1989, and during that time has built up an excellent reputation for trust and reliability.

With specialist divisions covering Commercial, Financial, Industrial, and Engineering appointments, on both a permanent and temporary basis. If you are looking for your next career move, we can help. Call us on 01772 259 121 or email us here.

If you would like to download our latest interview checklist, you can do so here.

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