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Is Your Social Media Profile Stopping You from Getting that New Job?

  • February 16, 2019

Whether you love spending your free time on social media or use a few sites to stay connected, the way you present yourself online can help or harm your job opportunities.

Used correctly, social media is an excellent platform for job seekers to share their accomplishments, highlight their strengths, personable style and more. However, a mistake regarding attitude or content can easily harm your chances of getting a great new commercial role.

Commercial recruitment companies and employers frequently use the internet to find information about possible employees and their suitability for a vacancy.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

On any social media network, show that you’re ready to excel in your career. On LinkedIn, highlight the recent training you got in the sector.

When you’re on Facebook or Instagram comment professionally on the latest news updates for the industry, even if you’re just interacting with friends, ask yourself whether what you post would make someone want to employ you.

Countless employers and recruitment teams use social media to get their first look at a candidate today. They will be looking for evidence that you know how to conduct yourself in a social setting. If your social media profile shows you in the right light, you’re more likely to get an interview in the first place.

What Would Your Mum Say!

An easy, quick win on social are the images you share on your profile and your profile banner. Though we all like a bit of fun, think about the impact of a photograph on a potential employer who might be visualizing how you will fit in their company.

A drunken image of you on a ski slope doesn’t put you across in the best light. However, a picture of you with your family sends an entirely different message.

Follow the Right People And Stay Active

As social media becomes a more active part of the hiring process, it pays to make sure that you’re following the right people. Following leaders in the industry will show that you’re passionate about your sector and eager to learn and develop.

A successful social media presence doesn’t mean hiding all your posts, so employers can’t see them. Many recruiters using social media will actively avoid candidates without an active social presence, as it can look as though they have something to hide. The key to success is auditing your online ‘image’ and making sure you make the right impression wherever you are.

Think of your social profiles as an extension of the CV and cover letters you use to apply for a job. All of these things are a part of the professional brand you build for yourself in today’s digital age.

Think Before You Post or Comment

Once you’ve started following the right people on social media, you’ll need to make sure that you’re thinking twice about both what you post and what you comment on.

Remember that your followers can potentially see what you say on other people’s content, as well as what you post on your newsfeed.

Though it’s not deemed correct in today ’s society to judge; people do, so be aware.

For example, if you got some great feedback at your current workplace, share that on your social media feed. Comment on something you learned about business or your specific sector or discuss your plans to develop your skills in certain areas. Other things to share include:

  • Your work in volunteering or mentoring programmes.
  • Recently updated qualifications or skills.
  • ….. or what about the fact that you have had a fantastic day helping a client

Avoid Negativity

It’s common to use social media as a platform for venting negative thoughts and feelings and utilising the ability to hide behind your keyboard; please don’t.

Complaining about your boss is something that you need to do offline, as online it makes you appear like an immature mood hoover who won’t fit into their team

Be careful posting comments about your job in general, as your words may suggest that you have a bad attitude. Even complaining about things outside of work can be a mistake. Too much negativity online may make employers question the kind of influence you’re going to have on your team when you join their company.

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