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Clayton’s comments on job stability is featured in the press

  • March 20, 2018

The comments of Clayton Recruitment’s Managing Director, Lynn Sedgwick, on job stability is affecting recruitment results, is featured in recruitment news website The Online Recruitment Resource.

Offering her thoughts on the Recruitment market, Lynn said: “We’re finding we’re having some difficult conversations with some clients where they have a poor employee retention reputation – as it often means the best talent will not join their company.

Many candidates are concerned about job stability. The advice we give our candidates when looking for a new opportunity is to establish whether a company is profitable and growing, and whether there is evidence that the business is invested in their own future – do they offer training opportunities to develop the best people, for instance.”

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Clayton’s Latest North West Market Analysis in the Press

  • January 28, 2018

Our latest analysis of the employment landscape in the North West has been covered by Bdaily and Recruitment International.

The analysis is based on a comparison of vacancy levels across our broad areas of expertise and highlights the ongoing skills requirements of employers in the region. The findings reveal that some of the most in-demand roles in the North West currently include Fork Lift Truck Drivers and Sales Administrators.

To read more about the findings as well as the comments of our Commercial Manager Tracey Bolan, please click the links above.

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Clayton’s analysis of the Lancashire employment market featured in Bdaily

  • December 8, 2017

The latest Lancashire market analysis from Clayton Recruitment was featured in the regional business news website Bdaily. The analysis is based on a comparison of vacancy levels across Clayton’s broad areas of expertise and highlights the ongoing skills requirements of employers in the region.

Find out what the top five in demand jobs across Lancashire are along with the comments of Clayton Recruitment’s commercial manager, Tracy Bolan, here.

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The Top North West Business Blogs

  • August 7, 2017

Starting your own business, or even working for an organisation that’s in its infancy can be challenging. There are a significant number of obstacles to overcome and even when you’re up and running, the problems will still come thick and fast. From monitoring performance, financial management, staying onside with regulations and compliance to maximising your data and offering outstanding customer service, there are myriad challenges to keep in mind. And that’s before we even mention the additional uncertainty that Brexit is likely to create. It can be useful – and wise – to seek advice from other sources and where better than your region where there are likely to be other organisations and individuals facing similar challenges to you. With that in mind, what are the top North West business blogs?

North West Business Insider

Probably the most well-known of all the top North-West business blogs, the North West Business Insider is part of the ‘Insider’ series and offers a wide variety of news, discussions and advice pieces aimed at professionals and businesses of all shapes and sizes. Clicking on the ‘advice’ tab can open up information on property investment, the best places to meet and network and much, much more.

North West Business Life

Another highly popular site with a wide readership, North West Business Life offers practical advice to firms and professionals on how to effectively use programmes like Excel, which is becoming ever more relevant in the data-driven age in which we live. It also features more left-field pieces on the importance of internal communications within organisations as well as interviews with some of the leading business figures in the North West.

Torchtalk – Better Business Bureau

Torchtalk, an offshoot of the Better Business Bureau, offers advice to business leaders on improving efficiency as well as giving career tips to individuals looking to enhance their employability. Particularly relevant to business owners are the recent sections on e-commerce and how firms can get going from a standing start.

Lancashire Enterprise Partnership

The Lancashire Enterprise Partnership (LEP) is a valuable resource for firms looking to gain potentially game-changing advice. This site offers funding tips for early stage and start up businesses along with guides on areas including developing digital skills. There’s also a specific ‘Chairman’s blog’ area containing views from the head of the partnership.

North & Western Lancashire Chamber of Commerce

This isn’t strictly a blog, but the North & Western Lancashire Chamber of Commerce offers insights on aspects including marketing as well as a wide range of helpful tips for start-ups. Perhaps the most valuable resource is the training section which promotes sessions on finances, communications, international trade, IT & software, sales & customer service and marketing.

These top North West business blogs all offer a wide range of diverse advice and handy tips for both businesses and professionals. However, one of the biggest challenges for any firm is managing its workforce and recruitment challenges. And if you’re looking for tips on how to maximise efficiency, or where to source the talent you need, then our very own blog will be suited to you.

Check out some of our other blogs to find career and development advice for both businesses and professionals.

Or take a look at some of our current jobs

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