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Make 2019 your best year: plan for your challenges now to succeed in the future

  • December 14, 2018

As we head towards the end of the year and get ready to welcome a new one, it’s an ideal opportunity to reflect. That’s why we’ve put together this blog, to help you assess what difficulties the world of business has faced this year, and how to plan so that 2019 gets off to a successful start.

Challenges and opportunities in 2018

Businesses have faced many challenges over the last year, and this has been reflected in the job market. Job stability is always something that worries candidates, and this has been a hot topic of conversation that we’ve had with clients this year. Good retention rates are attractive to the top talent; they want to feel reassured that their skills and contribution will be appreciated and held onto.

However, Brexit has made this challenging, continuing the theme from 2017. Companies across all sectors are having to work harder than even to attract and retain the very best talent. It’s been well publicised that industries that rely on migrants from the EU to complete low-skilled work have been the hardest hit.

It’s not all doom and gloom however. The Edge Foundation has reported that despite the predicted one million vacancies due to a tech skills shortage by 2020, Brexit could give the UK access to new markets and pools of international talent. That’s good news on the horizon for tech companies, a sector that’s ever-more important to our digital society.

What’s happening in the market: plan now, succeed later

As we pointed out above, Brexit is proving tricky for employers and the uncertain climate is something that comes up regularly with our clients. The best way to protect yourself from fluctuations in the market is to plan for all eventualities; in fact, CIPD found that 26% more businesses are focused on developing current staff. Not only does this improve your retention rates, making your business attractive to candidates, it means you’ll have exactly the skills that you need in-house.

Back in January we reported that some of the most in-demand job roles were fork-lift truck drivers, administrators and telesales executives. Naturally, as we have neared the end of the year and Christmas there’s been an increasing focus on temporary positions. This is something that we’ve been continuing to grow, following our client’s needs and demands. We recognise that for many businesses, there’s often the need for extra help without wanting to take on the commitment of a full-time member of staff, so a temporary staff member is a great alternative.

Partnering up with Clayton Recruitment

Whether recruiting for temporary or permanent positions, quality candidates will always make the process of hiring much more efficient and this is exactly what Clayton aims to deliver to our clients. There is a number of ways in which we work to achieve this:

  • Providing you with a dedicated account manager
  • We build trusting, long-lasting client relationships – we always take the time to listen to your needs and challenges. We don’t just want to understand your business, we learn about your culture and values so that the candidates we put forward are the best all-around fit
  • Consistently growing an established database of quality talent

By focusing on your success, we have reinforced our own values of trust, relationships, and growth. These values are what clients appreciate, and we often share the same values as the businesses that we serve, making for a stronger partnership.

We take building positive client relationships seriously, and also strive to build strong relationships with our employees too. So if you’re the kind of company that is committed to building an employer brand that not only attracts but retains talent, then we could be a good match!

In fact, we recently helped a multinational technology business with offices across the UK, who had been struggling to source quality candidates with the relevant skills. They would often receive too many irrelevant CVs, which wasted time sifting through. Training staff internally would take a long time to get to the required skill level; the business was growing and there was pressure to recruit the necessary skills into the company.

By comparing what we knew about the business with our talent pool, we were quickly able to fill the post. The client was delighted and we were thrilled with their glowing review: “I would recommend Clayton Recruitment because the feedback, quality of candidates and speed of response are all critical, all of which Clayton do well.”

Of course, every business measures success differently, although 91% of clients have reported being really pleased with Clayton and the results of working with us.

Talent can be the scarcest resource, which is why our goal is to use our market expertise, insight and networks to ensure that we provide the right people to the right company, so that they become their greatest asset.

Clayton Recruitment’s success stories

It’s great to hear such positive feedback, and plenty more employers agree: in our lifetime, Clayton Recruitment has filled over 2,000 placements. We’ve helped fill vacancies for everything from middle to senior management, mass recruitment to seasonal positions. Each new assignment teaches us something, whether it’s better understanding a client’s business or deepening our industry insight, we strive to improve our service constantly.

Offering our clients a comprehensive and seamless recruitment service is what makes us tick. Thankfully, this passion is paying off because since our MD, Lynn Sedgwick, took charge in 2013 we’ve grown year on year.

Looking ahead to 2019

Of course, it’s important to reflect on the year and to celebrate growth and success – but it’s also exiting to look to the future as well! Each and every win for us means that we’re better able to serve you in future.

And if you are thinking of recruiting, it’s not too late to get things underway and welcome a new-starter in January! We’ll be here until the 24th of December and will be more than happy to help with whatever recruitment challenges you’re facing.

Whether it’s a last-minute temp emergency for the festive season or a full-time employee for your 2019 growth plans, call us on 01772 259 121 and our friendly consultants will be happy to assist you.

In the meantime, you might like to find out more about what a specialist firm can bring to the table in our blog: Big firm, little firm…get the best from your recruitment provider.

You may also like to download our latest report on trends in recruitment: The 7 critical recruitment trends for businesses that will impact your talent pipeline in 2019.

We hope you have a great end to 2018, and we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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