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How can candidates prepare for Assessment Methods

  • June 27, 2018

While few companies have hiring processes as challenging as the likes of Google and Apple, far more businesses are introducing additional assessment measures into their recruitment process. In the never-ending war for talent, companies are looking to find the best suited candidate, often in professions with growing skills shortages.

Read the job spec

Before you even begin the application process, make sure you read the job specification thoroughly and spend time considering how you could demonstrate the required abilities and the relevance of your experience. In most instances the first step to any online application is uploading your CV, and companies will be looking for you to demonstrate a set of core competencies, so alter the content slightly if needed to ensure it is directly relevant to the position you are applying for.

Know what’s being looked for

Online assessments are no longer box ticking exercises, often they include series of multiple choice questions designed not only to test a candidate’s professional knowledge, but also their commercial awareness and values. These tests are often designed with multiple ‘right’ answers and candidates will be expected to pick the most relevant response, so it is crucial to understand what a company is looking for in their employees.

Do your research

It’s definitely worth spending time reading through the businesses’ website, particularly any ‘about us’ or ‘values’ pages. This kind of information will likely give you an insight into the kind of qualities that an organisation is looking for. For roles which frequently receive a high volume of applications, hiring managers will look for candidates that demonstrate an understanding of the company’s key values. Entry level candidates who are able to demonstrate that they would fit in well within a company’s culture will likely set themselves apart from their peers with similar experience.

Have real examples

Skills-based assessments are now also being used by hiring managers to sift through suitable candidates. Some organisations may ask candidates to demonstrate relevant skills such as clear communication, multi-tasking and commercial awareness through a series of skills based tests. These tests frequently take place during the interview stage of the recruitment process, where hiring managers are able to accurately assess a candidate’s professional skillset. For roles that require strong communication skills, interviewers might set candidates a writing task, while hiring managers interviewing for roles that require a sense of commercial acumen might ask them to discuss relevant news stories.

So, while it is important to ensure that your CV accurately represents your skills and experience, it’s becoming increasingly important to prepare for skills and value based assessments as well.

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