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Five most in-demand roles in the North West

  • September 15, 2017

As an organisation with our finger on the pulse of all things recruitment in the North West, we have an understanding of the skills that firms in the region seek.

But what are the five most in-demand roles in the North West at the moment?

Fork lift drivers – reach and counter balance

These are the two main types of fork lift truck and an increase in demand is generally noted around this time every year as organisations begin to prepare their operations for the busy Christmas period. A rise in orders and products moving through factories and warehouses obviously facilitates a need for this type of professional. In addition, the rise of e-commerce has also contributed to the rising demand, as more staff are required to manage the ever-growing numbers of orders conducted online.

Customer service with sales and order processing

Along similar lines, customer service specialists are being sought after by the more organised retailers looking to get their workforces into shape in the run up to Christmas. This time of year always drives an increase in the number of products bought and with the aforementioned growth of e-commerce, along with the minor resurgence of in-store shopping, retailers are recruiting accordingly.

Commercial financial analysts

The growth of e-commerce has also driven an increased need for data specialists who can analyse huge information stacks and identify trends for their employers to base marketing and promotion campaigns around. Retailers and other organisations are much more reactive now than ever before and seek real-time updates that allow them to refresh their product displays and pricing in line with demand and popularity. These skills are highly transferrable and firms seem open to hiring from other industries, as long as the requisite skills are in place. Professionals in the likes of the financial services industry, are particularly highly sought after for their experience in working with large and often highly complex data sets.

Marketing and brand managers

Having a strong brand has perhaps never been as important as it is today. Commercial sectors across the board are crowded with companies competing over the same narrow vertical market share and are seeking ways to stand out from the crowd. This has driven a major rise in demand for marketing and brand managers who, as with commercial financial analysts, often possess transferrable skill sets and are being hired from other industries.

Production workers

Finally, the run up to the busy Christmas period has also driven a need for manufacturing and production staff across the board. This one is easy to attribute – consumers buy more products at this time of year than any other and rather obviously, professionals are sought after to actually create these products, both physical and digital.

If you’re looking for your next position in one of these highly sought after roles then you’re likely to be in luck, as organisations across the board are on the hunt for professionals to fill their teams – get in contact with the experts if you’re looking for your next game-changing position in the North West.

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