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Clayton Recruitment on the BBC

  • February 27, 2017

Lynn Sedgwick, Managing Director of Clayton Recruitment, was recently featured on the BBC talking about salary negotiations. So what so jobseekers need to know when it comes to that all important conversation and what are Lynn’s top tips?

Do your research

There are a whole host of websites that can help you assess salary ranges for a particular role – is one such example. However it’s also a good idea to speak to recruiters – after all we are placing professionals into jobs every day so we have a good understanding of salary ranges. ​

It is also a good idea to research exactly what the role you are applying for involves – will it include lots of overtime or travel, for example. And if it does will you be compensated for this financially or perhaps offered time off in lieu? This is a point that Philippe Gaud, affiliate professor of management and Human Resources at HEC Paris Executive Education makes in the article. “If you want to create the best conditions for a good salary negotiation with an employer, you should first show that you understand the company’s perspective on compensation,”

What motivates you?

When it comes to the actual negotiating, our very own Lynn Sedgwick believes that it comes down to what motivates you:  “A lot depends on how much you want the job – and what your motivators are. If it’s purely about more money, then go for the highest you feel you honestly deserve, but make sure that you have the lowest figure you are willing to accept in your mind before you start.”  If you’re motivated by things other than money – work life balance, for example, then a different approach may best: ​“Decide how much of a compromise you are willing to make and find out when the next pay review would be and how you will be evaluated,” Lynn concluded.

For more top tips the full article can be found here. And more advice from the Clayton Recruitment team visit our blog.

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