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Clayton Recruitment in the Blackpool Gazette

  • February 24, 2017

Tracy Bolan, Commercial Manager at Clayton Recruitment, was recently featured in the Blackpool Gazette talking about the most in demand roles in the North West. The analysis was based on a study conducted by comparing vacancy levels across Clayton’s broad areas of expertise and highlights the ongoing skills shortages affecting many fields. Here’s what she had to say;

CSCS Cleaners

“There’s currently a real demand for, but short supply of, cleaners with the required professional certification to work on 80% of UK construction sites. The Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) Construction Related Occupations (CRO) cards act as industry standard documentation and demonstrates that professionals have both the skills and necessary health and safety knowledge to work in potentially dangerous work sites.”

Payroll Specialists

“At least one payroll specialist is required when a business exceeds a certain size, and the increased level of demand is a positive indication of growth in the region. HR roles and payroll specialists in particular often act as a barometer for both hiring sentiment and general business confidence. However unfortunately there is a shortage of both permanent and temporary payroll specialists, meaning that vacancies continue to outnumber candidates.”

Accounts Assistants

“Finance is a professional sector performing particularly well across the North West at present, and although accounts assistants continue to play a crucial role across both in house teams and accountancy practices, the latter is experiencing a particular shortage. This is likely, in part, due to the stable and lucrative career paths that firms offer, with professionals reluctant to move roles. However as more individuals realise the benefits of relocating to the ‘Northern Powerhouse’ it is likely that these shortages will fall into decline.”

MIG Welders

“As with many highly specialised jobs in the construction sector there is a dearth of MIG welders operating in the region. MIG is a particularly niche area of the wider welding specialism and is utilised in the construction, manufacturing and automotive industries to ensure contaminates don’t enter the weld. The government took action against the shortage of welders in 2013 by allocating £4m to fund high quality welding training, but more needs to be done to encourage both young people and individuals looking to retrain to enter the construction industry.”

Sales Administrators

“Another role which experienced a steady rise in demand is that of sales administrators, over recent years the organisations across the North West have become more profitable and have had a significant number of orders to process. At present administrators are stretched in their roles and candidate supply is falling short of demand.”

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