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Clayton’s North West employment analysis in the press

  • October 18, 2017

Our latest analysis of the North West employment market has been covered by Recruitment InternationalThe Global Recruiter and Bdaily, as well as regional newspapers Lancashire Evening Post and Wigan Evening Post.

It is based on a comparison of vacancy levels across our broad areas of expertise and highlights the ongoing skills requirements of employers in the region. The findings reveal that some of the most in-demand roles in the North West currently include fork lift drivers, customer service agents and brand managers.

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Could you make it as a recruiter?

  • July 11, 2017

Regular readers will know we often use this blog as a platform to provide cutting edge insight and offer tips to professionals on how to get ahead in their careers. However, after a period of rapid growth and expansion we’re now looking to bolster our ranks and take on skilled recruiters – of all experience levels – to work out of our North West base. But could you make it as a recruiter?

Hard-working, but satisfying

It would be remiss to suggest that working as a recruiter is all sunshine and lollipops and the role can include a lot of hard work in order to be successful. However, it’s worth the occasional stressful day because you also get the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve potentially changed someone’s life. Securing a job can often be a pivotal moment for an individual, and their wider network, and contributing to such a major step is a highly gratifying feeling.


This is a key attribute and there are few, if any, top-level recruiters who don’t possess the ability to convey their point clearly and concisely. You’ll often be dealing with incredibly busy professionals who don’t necessarily want to take time out of their day to speak to a recruiter, which means it’s critically important to get your point across quickly yet accurately. It’s not just oral communication either, you’ll also have to possess the ability to engage effectively with people via email and through employment platforms like LinkedIn.

Belief in your ability

You’ll be placing professionals who are often true subject matter experts and they’re hardly likely to take career advice and guidance from someone they suspect may not know as much as they say. You have to be able to portray confidence to both clients and candidates if you want to be taken seriously, and that only comes from possessing true belief in your ability. As mentioned, changing roles can be one of the most significant moments in an individual’s life and they won’t want to be led on that journey by someone who doesn’t come across as credible and professional. Believe in yourself and those attributes will begin to shine through.

Self-motivation and resilience

As with any other job, recruiters will have good days and bad days. However, unlike some other sectors, it’s near-on impossible to ‘hide’ in the hiring industry and your employer will expect you to be able to take the rough with the smooth while still performing to the best of your ability.

The benefits

Now for the good stuff. After all, that hard work isn’t for nothing and one of the major perks of working as a recruiter are the benefits on offer. While the job descriptions promising you “45K BASIC SALARY OTE AFTER TWO WEEKS 400K” are, frankly, nonsense it’s certainly true that you can earn a significant amount working in the hiring field. Recruiters secure commission on the placements they make so hard-working and adept professionals are able to take home added benefits. Depending on the firm you work for, you’re also likely to get alternative perks. Here at Clayton Recruitment, for example, we offer an annual car incentive, raffles for super prizes, corporate days out and a team and company profit share system. We’re also firm believers in the power of CPD and offer training and development opportunities – along with potential study leave – to all of our consultants. Obviously, not all organisations will offer these types of extra-curricular perks however it can be a good way of identifying which firms will make the best employers.

Could you make it as a recruiter?

So after reading that, could you make it as a recruiter? If the answer is yes then get in touch with our team to find out about the roles we have on offer in our North West headquarters.

Take a look at some of our other blogs to find out what life is really like as a recruiter. Or browse our current roles to find out what’s available outside of the recruitment industry.

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Clayton Recruitment in HR Director

  • May 2, 2017

We regularly carry out market analysis and our most recent data explores the most in demand roles across the North West employment market.  Our Commercial Manager, Tracy Bolan, was recently featured in HR Director discussing the top five roles in demand. Here’s what she had to say:

Payroll Practitioners

Topping the list for the third quarter in a row, we have seen a huge requirement for payroll experts across the board. This stems from the increased trend of ‘Northshoring’ which has resulted in a plethora of companies relocating their payroll operations to the region. Consequently we have seen clients looking for payroll clerks, administrators and assistants to service these businesses. In addition we have seen demand for professionals at the more senior end of the market including payroll managers and supervisors for firms across the region.”

Maintenance Engineers

“The engineering industry suffers from huge shortages across the board as many of you will already be aware, and maintenance engineers are no different. For these roles in particular, much of the demand stems from the manufacturing arena and employers are increasingly seeking professionals who can not only carry out maintenance to machinery but also drive efficiencies and developments within plants.”

Credit Controllers

We have seen an increase in the number of companies in the region hiring for credit controllers. These professionals will always be in steady demand as companies ensure they control and manage their debtors effectively. Consequently the recent spike in demand can be attributed to two key factors. Firstly, staff churn and secondly, growth within a particular business which results in the need to bolster its credit control function”.

Accountants in Practice

The increased demand seen for accountants in practice can largely be attributed to increased workloads seen in the past few months in response to the end of the financial year. However we have also seen a rise in demand for chartered accountants to work in practices across the region thanks to organic growth.”

Marketing and E-Commerce specialists

Employers across the board are investing heavily in their e-commerce capabilities as consumers demand more from their online experience. Consequently we have seen a huge spike in demand for specialists who can enter a business and develop e-commerce strategies to drive sales in today’s omnichannel marketplace.”

For more insights from the Clayton Recruitment team visit our blog. And if you’re looking for a career move take a look at our vacancies here.


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Clayton Recruitment on the BBC

  • February 27, 2017

Lynn Sedgwick, Managing Director of Clayton Recruitment, was recently featured on the BBC talking about salary negotiations. So what so jobseekers need to know when it comes to that all important conversation and what are Lynn’s top tips?

Do your research

There are a whole host of websites that can help you assess salary ranges for a particular role – is one such example. However it’s also a good idea to speak to recruiters – after all we are placing professionals into jobs every day so we have a good understanding of salary ranges. ​

It is also a good idea to research exactly what the role you are applying for involves – will it include lots of overtime or travel, for example. And if it does will you be compensated for this financially or perhaps offered time off in lieu? This is a point that Philippe Gaud, affiliate professor of management and Human Resources at HEC Paris Executive Education makes in the article. “If you want to create the best conditions for a good salary negotiation with an employer, you should first show that you understand the company’s perspective on compensation,”

What motivates you?

When it comes to the actual negotiating, our very own Lynn Sedgwick believes that it comes down to what motivates you:  “A lot depends on how much you want the job – and what your motivators are. If it’s purely about more money, then go for the highest you feel you honestly deserve, but make sure that you have the lowest figure you are willing to accept in your mind before you start.”  If you’re motivated by things other than money – work life balance, for example, then a different approach may best: ​“Decide how much of a compromise you are willing to make and find out when the next pay review would be and how you will be evaluated,” Lynn concluded.

For more top tips the full article can be found here. And more advice from the Clayton Recruitment team visit our blog.

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