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Are you stuck in a rut?

  • November 6, 2017

As the New Year approaches, you might be one of the many professionals reassessing your career. Do you feel like you’re not motivated in your current job? Do you feel that your skills and experience are not being maximised where you are now? Or perhaps you are unsure about what career you should be embarking on?  If this all sounds familiar, you might want to consider recruitment. Not only is it an incredibly fulfilling career, but it is also varied – no two days are the same – and the rewards are endless. So if you’re seeking a new challenge, take a look at our top reasons to work in recruitment.

Changing lives

While many might see this as cliché statement it really rings true! A recruiter can literally change a person’s life. When you consider the big life events – such as buying a house or getting married – landing a great job that offers security and satisfaction is right up there at the top. And while you may not be able to place each and every person you meet, recruiters also have the opportunity to help candidates reassess their own career goals which can be instrumental in their quest for the illusive perfect job.


If you’re the type of person that likes variety and doesn’t like the idea of sitting in an office day in day out, then recruitment could be just right for you. Each day is different – you could be interviewing candidates, meeting new clients, or you could be at a conference or careers fair offering advice to jobseekers. Because of the varied nature of recruitment it is, however, very fast paced. Consequently an ability to multi-task and react quickly to client demands is crucial.

Career progression

While it might be true that the recruitment sector is a saturated market, individuals that are at the top of their game can climb the career ladder very quickly. If you can demonstrate that you are eager to progress and consistently meet your targets then the chance to move from consultant to management level in a short space of time is easily achievable. Furthermore, the very best recruitment agencies will give you the freedom to shape your own career path. So whether you want to rise through the ranks as purely a biller, or if you want to bill and manage people, your employer will create a path that suits your aspirations.

Huge earning potential

While money alone shouldn’t be the reason anyone goes into recruitment, it is a sales role and consequently the ability to earn commission and bonuses on top of your base salary are there for the taking. So if you’re keen to change people’s lives, while simultaneously taking home a lucrative pay packet each month, recruitment could certainly be right for you.


Many people incorrectly assume that because of the attractive earning potential in recruitment, there a few other perks to the job. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Good recruitment companies will ensure that their staff are rewarded in other ways than money alone. And here at Clayton Legal, for example, we offer an annual car incentive, raffles for super prizes, corporate days out and a company profit share system. However, we also strongly believe in the power of CPD and provide plenty of training and development opportunities – along with study leave – to all our staff.

If this all sounds appealing then the good news is that we’re looking for people to join our close knit team here at Clayton Legal. We’re seeking consultants to work alongside our ever growing team that works with some of the best firms in the market and the very best legal talent. So if you think you have what it takes speak to us today. Could you be the next member of the team? We hope so.

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