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Top career tips for nurses

Posted by: Tracy Bolan

Working as a residential or care home nurse isn’t always the easiest job. However, there are some methods that professionals can use to make their lives that bit easier. But what are our top career tips for nurses?

Develop work/life balance

Stop laughing, it is possible. Regardless of how busy you are, it’s crucial to ensure you develop some form of a work/life balance if you want to avoid becoming burnt out and exhausted. The best way to do this is to create a barrier between home and professional life and to make sure that the two don’t overlap.

Seek revalidation support

Getting revalidated can be an arduous and drawn out task but, as you’ll all know, it’s an absolute must for anyone operating in the nursing arena. Many homes now offer their employees' revalidation support and while this won’t be the case across the board – particularly for smaller employers – it’s certainly worth asking. If you can build a strong enough argument, most managers will be able to help in some way as they will recognise the importance of retaining the vital skills of nurses under their management.


Don’t feel bad about asking your colleagues for support, guidance or assistance and, equally, remember that you are allowed to say no to a request if you are feeling overworked or stressed out. Some professionals may feel guilty or reluctant to pass over tasks, but all of the most successful people do it. Sir Alex Ferguson, for example, was a renowned and effective delegator who was adept at spotting his weaknesses and getting others to cover for him. His career turned out pretty well so it’s probably advisable to take a leaf from his book and hand over tasks you won’t be able to do effectively.

Undertake training

It’s certainly a good idea to obtain as many qualifications as your current role will allow. Getting additional certifications will only improve your career development prospects and make you more likely to be promoted or find a new role. It may not immediately lead to a pay rise, but you’ll probably be closer to one than those who don’t think proactively and look to bolster their skill sets.

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