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Why International Nurses’ Day is a cause worth celebrating

Posted by: Tracy Bolan

Every day seems to be some sort of celebration of something or other nowadays. However, on the rare occasion that we’re not celebrating National Tomato Day or International Wrestlers’ Week, a cause truly worth celebrating will crop up.

Last Friday was one of those days as we celebrated the work of one of the most challenged, hard-pressed, stretched and ultimately underappreciated groups around, nurses.

Care home nurses

Regular readers of our blog will know that we’re passionate about helping care home nurses’ career development wherever and whenever we can by finding them valuable, meaningful jobs that can make a difference to a range of individuals’ lives.

Not all nurses work in hospitals and it’s reasonable to say that if you think NHS nurses have a stressful and challenging time, consider the plight of those working in care homes across the UK, some of whom are even more underpaid and overworked than their health service counterparts.

Irreplaceable service

Care home nurses provide an irreplaceable and frankly, remarkable service to this country and without them, thousands of elderly and ill patients would be left without the support and care that they require.

Many receive a fraction of the salary of NHS nurses and also get considerably less support than their health service counterparts who have the size and might of the NHS to fall back on.

These individuals are compassionate, determined professionals who have to show integrity and resilience on a daily basis. They can’t afford to have a bad day at work like many of us do because peoples’ lives are in their hands and they provide essential services by doing things that others would often see as beneath them. And that’s while being pushed and challenged to do as much as they possibly can in an ever decreasing period of time.

We all know someone who has a parent or relative in a care home, perhaps you do yourself and too often the work of these professionals gets overlooked and they remain underappreciated. And while International Nurses’ Day was last Friday, we feel it’s worth considering the truly valuable service they provide to millions of people and their families across the country. So let’s take our hats off to care home nurses, the true superheroes of healthcare.

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