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The top blogs for care home workers

Posted by: Whitney Griffiths

With so many sources for news and content in the modern world it can be challenging to know where to turn for your information. After all, depending on what newspaper you happen to read, Jeremy Corbyn is either the next great hope for this country or a shambolic geography teacher wannabe. While we can’t help you with that, we can cut through the noise when it comes to care homes and we’ve sourced the very best blogs for professionals in the sector to check out. Here’s what we think are the top sites:

My Home Life

This blog features real-life stories from those living and working in care homes across the UK and, consequently, offers an insightful view into the challenges faced by those working in the profession, warts and all. The blog is more than likely to strike a chord with anyone who’s worked in care home in recent years.


Carewatch offers a more wide spread focus providing advice and tips for both care home workers and residents. As well as insights on how to tackle dementia, it also contains details on all types of physical and mental conditions.


As you’d expect from a blog from one of the leading care home providers, there’s a lot of information on the Gracewell site. However, it also offers best practice tips for things like producing diet plans for dementia sufferers and pneumonia prevention tips, which can prove to be highly useful for those working in a home.

UK Care Guide

This platform probably has the most widespread information of all the blogs listed here and provides fantastic tips on the 10 skills needed to be an effective carer. However, most impressively it also contains specialist areas looking at assistive technologies, care costs, dementia, elderly care, home care and mental health. If you’re looking for information on a specific ailment, treatment plan or issue affecting the care home sector, then this is the place to go.

Age UK

The Age UK site is regularly updated and contains information on an extremely wide variety of subjects, some of which will be of use and some that won’t. More commonly it contains insights into dealing with ageing-related issues like loneliness as well as promoting the benefits of exercise.


Perhaps more niche then any of the other sites on this page, ICareHealth focuses mainly on the technology that can improve the quality of patients’ life that has recently emerged in the market. It also holds some useful – and honest – pieces about finance in care homes, costs and different payment plan options.

Sunrise Senior Living

This site regularly posts news and updates relating to the care home sector along with photos and news on social events and activities. Like many of the other sites listed above it largely focuses on factors affecting patients, but you can never have too much information after all.

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