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Nursing jobs: More diverse than you might think

Posted by: Tracy Bolan

To most people, nurses are the professionals who provide an invaluable and irreplaceable service to patients and those in need across the UK. However, being a nurse can mean so much more than simply working in a hospital and there are actually a wide array of nursing jobs outside of the traditional and well-known roles. But what types of positions are out there and what do they involve?


Child and adolescent mental health nurses carry out incredibly challenging – but even more valuable – roles that benefit the lives of children suffering with acute psychiatric illnesses. These professionals must recognise that hospital admission can be both daunting and upsetting and must be focused on creating an appropriate and happy environment with treatment plans tailored to each individual child and their families.

Approx. £25-30 per hour

Registered Mental Health nurses

This is a similar type of role, but focused largely on adults suffering from psychiatric conditions. RMNs undertake a different branch of training from adult nurses, not only in terms of academic content, but also the type of placements they undertake. Registered mental health nurses’ skill bases are much more focused on interpersonal and communication attributes. These individuals will often be the first healthcare professional a patient comes in contact with when they seek help and a calm disposition is crucial.

Approx. £30,000 per year

Telephone Triage Nurses

When you call a health provider the individual that asks you to describe your condition is a telephone triage nurse. These roles are different to other nursing jobs as professionals often have to carry out complex clinical triage and provide assessment via telephone with patients who are often distressed and concerned about their health. Triage nurses must be able to utilise their professional judgment in referring callers to other specialists where appropriate, but are also asked to solve often critical issues over the telephone, which requires a specific mind set. Unsurprisingly, verbal communication skills are a must for anyone carrying out these roles. 

Approx. £25,000 per year

Clinical Negligence Nurse

This is certainly the most leftfield of all the nursing jobs listed here and requires a very different skill set to most others within the health sector. These professionals analyse notes and records to identify if patients have been treated in a wrongful or non-compliant way and whether they could potentially get compensation for the service they received. These jobs are often held by experienced nurses, who are able to provide evidence to solicitors on a wide range of injury claims. While a methodical and analytical approach is important for all nurses, it’s particularly critical within the field of clinical negligence, as professionals will have to review masses of, often complex, information in order to build a case.

Approx. £29,000 per year

ABI Nurse

Brain injuries can throw patients’ lives into disarray and acquired brain injury nurses are often the first point of contact for the families of individuals going through this trauma. As a result, professionals in this field must possess effective communication skills as well as being compassionate, understanding and able to deal with often challenging situations. ABI nurses also treat patients within their home after their injuries and require specific technical skills in areas like respiratory management and contingence and tissue viability.

Approx. £31,000 per year

Are you looking for your next nursing job?

As you can see, nursing jobs extend so much further than most people would imagine and there’s a wide range of roles out there for professionals who are considering a change of scenery or working environment. If you’re interested in finding your next nursing role and want something a bit out of the ordinary, then get in touch with our specialist team.

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