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How to Work With a Recruiter to Fulfil Your Nursing Staff Needs

Posted by: Lynn Sedgwick

Has your healthcare organisation suffered from the lack of nursing staff candidates, the numbers of which we see diminish year on year? Maybe now is the time to work with a specialist recruiter, as this might be the only way you can fulfil your nursing needs.

There is a chronic nursing shortage in the UK, with an estimated 51,000 unfilled nursing roles forecast by the end of the Brexit transition period (up to 2021).

Not only are the numbers of skilled nurses available to fill positions decreasing, but we are also facing an increase in patients in need of health services. The ageing population has meant that strains on nursing staff are higher than ever – as a recruiter, we feel that now is an appropriate time to be putting the right nursing candidates into vacant positions.


Why Use a Recruiter?

Depending on the size and capabilities of your HR department, using a recruiter allows your HR department to focus on in-house issues rather than the process of hiring. For many HR departments, hiring staff is never on their daily ‘to-do’ list, it crops up as an extra and often unwanted task that gets in the way of other necessary jobs. A HR manager’s sole job is not to recruit people, unlike that of a recruiter. From the largest hospital to a small care-home, using a specialist nursing recruiter is the most efficient and cost effective way to recruit for your healthcare business.


Access to Passive Candidates

The moment you find yourself with a position that needs filling, as an employer, your mind goes towards advertising and filling the vacancy. But in reality, the only people who see your job posting are those actively looking for jobs during this limited time frame. What if the perfect candidate for your new nursing vacancy is currently working in a hospital in the next town? They aren’t looking because they have only been in their role two years and are still enjoying the job. We know this because we placed that candidate, and we have kept in contact with them after this particular job search was over.

The conversation specialist nursing recruiters like Clayton Recruitment have with former candidates is not something most hiring managers have access to, but we do. We have the tools to turn passive candidates into active candidates. We find the candidates you didn’t even know were out there.


Nursing Needs

Finding a recruiter who specialises in nursing and healthcare is a must. The roles of nurses in healthcare organisations are indispensable and a healthcare recruiter understands this better than anyone. There is an abundance of generalised recruitment companies in the market, but will they deliver a bespoke service for a basic fee? The answer is no (despite what they might tell you).

Dedicated recruiters have a bond with their candidates; they understand where in their career they are, and where they want to go. A healthcare recruiter like Clayton Recruitment will have had many conversations with their candidates to be able to gauge where their next move might be.

At Clayton Recruitment, we have over 30 years of experience in recruiting for healthcare jobs, this means we have seen the fluctuations in the industry and can fully understand what kind of people fit into particular roles and in which organisations.


Futureproof your Healthcare Organisation

One of the benefits of using a recruiter that we find glaringly obvious but is often missed, is the way it can impact the future of your healthcare organisation. It might seem startling, but many employers shy away from thinking about the future of their recruitment process. Why? Because it’s a spiky subject. No employer wants to think about their staff leaving their position for another job, but the reality of the situation is that this does happen. All too often, employers are left blindsided when one of their team leaves and they have to start the recruitment process all over again, from scratch. If your head nurse left tomorrow, how long would it take to get the ball rolling to place a new one?


Finding the Right Recruiter

As recruiters, we often hear the same messages: Senior leaders and hiring managers are unsure as to why it is crucial not just to work with a recruiter, but to find one who specialises in their field. Specialist recruitment companies who choose to focus their search onto a few select areas are the experts at what they do. At Clayton Recruitment, we are consultants who work closely with senior leaders daily. We understand what hiring managers are looking for and we know where to find it.

Now you understand the benefits of working with a specialist healthcare recruiter, what are you waiting for?



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