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How to Create a LinkedIn Profile For Your Nursing Job Search

Posted by: Lynn Sedgwick

Have you applied for a nursing job in the last year and been rejected? We all know the heart-sinking feeling when you don’t get the job you so desperately wanted.

With the global nursing shortage, candidates often have the pick of the bunch, but this doesn’t mean you can sit back and relax. You still could be missing out on that potential higher-paid role because of this one simple mistake.

Employers are not just looking for your digital or physical CV to explain who you are anymore; they want much more detail.

Your LinkedIn profile can be the tool to leverage you over your competitors to get that nursing role in the brand-new hospital you have been dreaming about.

In this article, we will explain how to utilise LinkedIn to make you stand head and shoulders above your rivals.


1. Complete Your Profile

This might sound obvious, but a huge number of LinkedIn profiles are started and never completed. It takes just a little bit of time to fill out all the details, but it provides such a good impression about who you are. Human beings are naturally curious, and seeing more detail on your profile than you have given on your shortened CV could be the key to the hiring manager taking more of an interest in you.


2. Present and Correct

Again, just ensuring you have all of your most up-to-date information on your profile is where a lot of people go wrong. Did you change your mobile number in the last month? Did you set up a new work email? Check all of your personal information is correct and easy to find on your profile. Many people set up their Linkedin profile and then never go back and update it. Be active on the platform, you could be missing important messages and networking opportunities!


3. Utilise Manager References

Having a good set of references is a great way to boost your LinkedIn profile. Some people are reluctant to ask their current employer for references as they think it might damage their current work situation if they go for a new job and don’t get it. Ask a manager who you get on particularly well with if they will act as your referee, and explain to them your desire to leave the organisation. They will be much more understanding in giving a reference if you have had this chat with them beforehand.


4. A Face to Go With the Name

Your profile is much more likely to be viewed positively if it includes a picture of you: people love to be able to match a face with a name. Linked reports that profiles containing a professional photograph received 21 times more profile views and had 9 times more connection requests! 

As a nurse, it is imperative that your potential future boss sees you as a warm person, and this can be easily portrayed through your photo. People who smile (with teeth) and squinch (a slight squint) in their pictures appear friendly and approachable. Use a picture of you in your professional dress and avoid full-body and poor quality images.


5. The Right Connections

Showing that you take an active interest in current nursing issues will demonstrate to recruiters that you are dedicated to your field. There are plenty of nursing videos, courses and professional bodies you can share on your page so that any health organisation that you are hoping to work for will recognise that you are willing to take your career and development into your own hands.


6. Be Confident In Your Achievements

It can be hard for people to be objective about their accomplishments, and especially in a profession like nursing. It can be uncomfortable for some nursing professionals to shout about your accompllishments. You were just doing your job, right? Well now is the time to reflect and be proud of yourself. What seemed like just ‘part of your’ job at the time might have saved a particular patient’s life. Nurses often go above and beyond what is expected of them, and take it all in their stride.

Sit down with a close work friend or relative and talk about the moments you have felt most proud in your career, and include them on your LinkedIn profile. Focus on moments of recognition, awards and courses you have been on rather than more personal events.

In an ever-increasing technological world, ignoring digital-based recruitment tools will only hinder your job searches in the future. Make sure you get on your potential employers radar. When hiring managers Google you (because they will!), make sure what tghey find is an impressive online portfolio.



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