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How nurses can remain healthy at work

Posted by: Tracy Bolan

You can barely open a newspaper without reading an article about how being trapped behind a desk will send you to an early grave. However, while care home nurses certainly aren’t in this situation, they face their own challenges guaranteeing their own wellbeing. But how can nurses remain healthy at work?

On the go

The first thing to keep in mind is that you probably cover significantly more distance and have a much more active role than the vast majority of office-based professionals. However, health isn’t solely limited to how many steps you take per day and there are a myriad of other ways that professionals can safeguard their physical and mental wellbeing.

Remaining healthy at work

As you’ll probably be only too aware, nursing can be a highly stressful career. However, stress shouldn’t be seen as a given in the modern working world and should, wherever possible, be avoided. Being frazzled at work will only cause longer term issues and will also affect your ability to carry out your job to the highest possible standard. It’s not always easy to de-stress but one effective method is to practice breathing techniques that can enable you to calm down and detox your mind in as little as a minute. There’s also meditation and while many are new to the concept, they probably see it as something Buddhists do on top of a mountain with their legs crossed, it’s much more widely practiced than ever before and can make a major difference to your physical and mental wellbeing.

The importance of exercise

One of the most effective methods that can enable nurses to remain healthy at work is to get some exercise in your free time. Yes, we know you’ve been on your feet all day and are probably exhausted, but even a short 10-minute burst of high intensity exercise, or a 30-minute walk, can make all the difference and allow you to de-clutter your mind and prepare yourself for the next day.

Take your breaks

We’ve all crammed an hour or 30-minute long lunch break into 10 minutes and we’re probably all aware of how rushed and unprepared that left us feeling. While you might have a significant amount of work to do, taking a break and getting your mind in order will probably improve your performance and could mean you actually get your tasks completed in less time. Consider it as an investment in your wellbeing and taking that whole lunch break and getting out in the fresh air will make you feel significantly more composed and allow you to get your affairs in order. 

Wash your hands

We shouldn’t have to tell you this one and it’s probably one that’s drummed into you at work by management. However, this is the single most effective way of not carrying diseases and viruses, and when you’re working in a home with patients with varying degrees of health, it should be a priority. Regularly washing and sanitising your hands will safeguard you against illnesses and keep you in top condition.

What methods do you use to safeguard your wellbeing at work?

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