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5 Ways To Upgrade Your Company Culture And Attract The Nursing Talent You Want

Posted by: Lynn Sedgwick

One of the big changes in recruitment over the past five years has been a swing towards the importance of developing a ‘good’ company culture.

With the economy in a more buoyant position, despite BREXIT, many organisations, particularly in the healthcare sector, are experiencing a nursing skills shortage.

Skilled and talented employees almost have the pick of roles and keeping a team engaged and demonstrating you are a great place to work can be delivered by developing your company culture.

The good news is that ‘word’ can and does get around about which are good places to work and which aren’t. It’s fascinating how people pick up your culture at almost an unconscious level too.

Recently a candidate we sent for a role was glowing about the organisation. When our consultant spoke to her after the interview, she said there was a great ‘vibe’ about the place, and she had everything crossed that she would get an offer.

The power of a good culture in action.

So, today I want to talk through what company culture is and 5 five amazingly straightforward ways to upgrade yours.

First a few definitions.

What Is Company Culture?

Company culture refers to the beliefs, values and behaviours that determine how an organisations employee interact with each other and their suppliers and clients. This is from the CEO to the car park attendant.

Historically company culture has grown organically, often fuelled by the recruiting process and the likes and dislikes of the leaders and hiring managers in the organisation.

As an example, it could be that you work in an organisation where no flexibility is given to employees at all, e.g. being allowed to leave early when bad weather strikes or where the word thank you isn’t a word ever uttered to you by your nursing manager.

As you might imagine this sets up a certain ‘feel’ and culture that isn’t exactly pleasant to work in.

Alternatively, you might work in a culture where your manager bakes you a cake on your birthday or every month the team gets together to share ideas on how the team can improve.

It doesn’t take a genius to work out which is the most pleasant culture to work in.

As an experienced recruiter in the nursing sector, we often hear tales of company culture you wouldn’t believe. No wonder then that the organisation in question can’t keep hold of their nursing staff.

It is logical then to upgrade your culture, and here are five straightforward ways to start the process.

Take an Interest In People And Ask Them What They Want

If you want to improve your culture, make sure you are asking your people what they want.

What do they want their work experience to be? How do they want to learn? How do they want to be rewarded and acknowledged? How do they want to grow?

Once you start having these conversations, people, i.e. your employees see that you are a different manager to others and things will start to move in a positive direction.

Praise Recognise and Say Thank You

This is such any easy win for any organisations. A simple thank you or ‘you handled that patient really well Susan’, will work wonders in shifting culture.

I know nurses are paid to do a job and yet recognising their contribution, so often doesn’t happen from their direct manager or leaders in the trust.

Many patients are naturally grateful which is appreciated. Imagine though when this is communicated by a manager an even bigger impression this will make?

Open Your Door and Listen

It is easy to fall into the trap of "us" and "them" when leadership is behind closed doors.

This type of environment creates an atmosphere of intimidation and inhibits the free flow of ideas and openness.

If you team know you are available to talk, it creates a transparent atmosphere and they rarely abuse it too.

Handle Conflict Fast

Being part of the nursing professional in a world of stretched budgets and lack of resources can push anyone close to the edge, to a point where tempers flare, or conflict happens.

So, handle any conflict as soon as physically possible directly and openly. Problems escalate when they aren’t handled.

The difference this will make for your team might surprise you. Gossip about how Jane let’s Angela or Tim get away with murder spreads around. The converse is true, when a Dawn the nursing manager might be regarded as tough yet fair, everyone given the choice will work for Dawn, not Jane any day.

Encourage Fun and Team Connection

Look at any successful workplace culture, and you will experience connection and fun.

I saw a quote the other day from Judy Dench, the actress that said; “I think you should take your job seriously, but not yourself. That is the best combination.”

Wise words indeed.

Though some nursing departments do have fun and social gatherings; not all do.  What about you?

Remember the power of laughter and how getting together reduces stress and builds closer relationships, which promotes teamwork and work satisfaction.

If people are friends with the people at work, as opposed to simply being colleagues; then they’ll work better together and communicate more effectively which always improves culture.

Having fun with people is a great way for individuals to learn about each other’s traits, likes, dislikes and develop unspoken habits and rules which help people understand each other.





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